Construction Management is a fee-based service in which Midwest Construction Group acting as a Construction Manager (CM) is responsible exclusively to the owner and acts in the owner’s interests at every stage of the project. The construction manager offers advice, uncolored by any conflicting interest, on matters such as:

  • Optimum use of available funds
  • Control of the scope of the work
  • Project scheduling
  • Optimum use of design and construction firms’ skills and talents
  • Avoidance of delays, changes and disputes
  • Enhancing project design and construction quality
  • Optimum flexibility in contracting and procurement
  • Cash flow Management

Comprehensive management of every stage of the project, beginning with the original concept and project definition, yields the greatest possible benefit to owners from Construction Management. Midwest Construction Group can represent the owner by helping to select the design team as well as the construction team and manage the design preventing scope creep, helping the owner stay within a pre-determined budget by performing Value Engineering, Cost/Benefit Analysis and Best Value Comparisons.


Design-build focuses on combining the design, permit, and construction schedules in order to streamline the traditional design-bid-build environment. Our process brings together design and construction professionals in a collaborative environment to complete these tasks in an overlapping fashion (i.e. construction) has begun while the building is still being designed. The design-build process generally reduces time and cost while insuring great design and quality.


If you already developed a program of your needs and selected a site (often with a civil engineer), your architect assembles a design team of consulting engineers and other experts to design the building and specify the building systems to meet those needs. Today, contractors frequently participate in the design team effort by providing pre-design services where we help in providing a more accurate estimation of budget and scheduling during design to improve the overall economy of the project. As the general contractor, we work closely with the owner and architect to meet deadlines and budget. Then we work with subcontractors to ensure quality standards in addition to timeline and budget.